A letter from Louis

Mother Nature invites us to come and play with Her. She reacts so abundantly when we pull the right strings.

Grow the Soil and the Plants grow themselves.
The nature of Nature is incredible.
It’s like invisible gears.

For example… Dandelion is a soil builder and not a weed… it’s got ten times more nutrition than spinach… (The ones growing in shade are the ones I eat. Full sun ones are bitter.)

The seed can only germinate when the right mineral deficiencies are present. The intelligence of the seed picks it up and germinate. The roots grow down in search for the right minerals and bring it up, fertilizing the soil with its leaves and roots.
Many of the other “weeds” do similar work. The seeds can be dormant on the soil for years until the right conditions are present, then it germinates and starts fixing the soil.

For example… Peanut butter cassia: Senna didymobotrya is a weed that grows next to the roads in Transkei (also other places). It grows there because the topsoil has been removed and bottom soil is open. Now the mineral deficiencies are present and the seeds grow. The plant is a legume (all plants with seed pods are) and fix the nitrogen in the soil.

Micro organisms… in a teaspoon of forest soil you can get up to 6 000 000 micro organisms… in a teaspoon of mono crop soil you can get 3 – 20 micro organisms. The chemical fertilizer is killing it!!
NPK chemical fertilizer is making rich fathers and poor sons!!

Indigenous Micro Organisms and Compost Tea can fix this. Compost is cool but hard to make lots and lots of it. Besides, there is about 70% Nitrogen in the air you breathe. The problem is that the micro organisms which harvest it and makes it available for the plant is Dead.
All the minerals are present in the sand particles, stones and rocks, but the micro organisms which extract it is … Dead… because of the chemical fertilizers and pesticide and poison in the soil and water now.
The forest is always green, who waters it?
But it’s green … who fertilizes it?
Who put pesticide… I never see a pest in the forest?
Who plant the small trees I see there?
How long has it been there??
So… maybe we must start to farm like the forest?
The forest is a University!! It functions like gears. Mass biodiversity oils them.

Louis Magwa

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