Driving whilst on your cell phone destroys lives every day. Research have shown that whilst being on your cell phone and driving reduces the drivers response time to the same levels observed in drunk drivers.

Distracted driving is thus an epidemic that is fast sweeping through our country and claiming lives on a daily basis. People need to realise that the message they cannot wait to send or the all important phone call they need to make or receive, could claim the lives of innocent people.

Hessequa Municipality and Protection Services urge people to stop texting or calling whilst driving. Offenders will be prosecuted and fined with an amount of R1 000.00.

The following offences will be dealt with accordingly:
• Holding a cellular or mobile phone in one or both hands or part of the body whilst driving a vehicle.
• Using a cellular or mobile phone that is not affixed to the vehicle.
• Texting while driving
Our advice to motorists is to buy earphones at any shop or affix their phones to their vehicles.

We urge residents and visitors to commit themselves to STOP USING CELLPHONES WHILE DRIVING!!!!!


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