What is your current occupation?
Franchisee, Pam Golding Properties in the Hessequa area and Barrydale

How long have you lived in the Hessequa area?
10 Years

Name one thing that always peaks your interest.
3 things: property, nature conservation and animal welfare

What’s one movie that always makes you laugh?
Notting hill

What useless talent do you have that nobody knows about?
Strawbale building….not so useless!

If you could take over one persons job for a week, who’s would it be and why?
Zuma….My accounting skills are better than his!

What book are you reading at the moment?
Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

If you won a Million, how would you spend it?
A world trip hiking unknown trails

I never leave home without ……….
My cell phone

What is your favourite restaurant and meal?
The Gherkin, London. Can’t remember the courses, just wonderful food and company…

Your favourite holiday destination?
Anywhere with mountains

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself.
I grew up in Zimbabwe in two villages, and always wanted to go back to a small country town, which I did 10 years ago when I moved to Heidelberg. I went to university at Rhodes where I obtained a BA degree and teaching diploma. After a few years of teaching, I became a full time mom to my four children and then decided that property would be a good option because I could work “flextime” and still attend their rugby matches, gym lessons etc. This became a real juggling act! I joined Pam Golding properties in 1988 with whom I’ve been ever since ; initially selling property in Cape Town and then buying the franchise for the Hessequa area.
I am an animal lover with 6 horses, 3 cows and a dog and love to hike on my farm in the mountains.

What is your message to the community of Stilbaai and area?
I feel that we are all very blessed to live in such a beautiful area. We have access to amazing sea and mountain places where people travel thousands of kilometers to share this with us. We need to do our best to preserve our unique character and conserve the natural beauty that surrounds us.

As a member of Pam Golding Properties, we would like to be part of the above as well as work with the townspeople to give the quality of service that has come to be expected of our brand. Our new office, in the Fynbos centre, is almost complete and we would like to invite everyone to pop in to discuss their property related issues or just to meet us and share a cup of coffee.


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