Cancer is a moment of reality, a wake-up call and it is now time to take action, take responsibility and change your lifestyle!
Here are a few steps which can be taken immediately to help your body. Later you will understand the importance of each item listed here-
1. Do not use any sugar or sweeteners except raw organic unpasteurized honey, raisins and dates.
2. No dairy…no milk or cheese…NOTHING.
3. No refined SALT, or little Himalayan salt or earth salt.
4. No MEAT or FISH. (pork, venison and chicken)
5. Eat 50% raw food per day, cook other food over low heat, slow cooking. Eat lots of vegetables, all types and as organic as possible.
6. Remember vegetables contain a lot of protein. Potato, sweet potato, carrots, cooked spinach, cabbage, onions, pumpkins, butternut, egg plant, corn etc., all very nutritious. Eat vegetables every afternoon and evening, and vegetable soups.
7. Drink organic herbal teas, vegetable juices and smoothies.
8. Drink about 1lt of water per 30kg of body weight, good filtered water daily. Vegetable juices and herbal teas may also contribute to this amount.
9. Eat breakfast; do not skip it – fresh fruit in season with milled seeds and flax seed oil.
10. Organic, freshly rolled Oats for breakfast. Jungle Oats is not organic and not healthy. Get your freshly rolled oats from a health shop or from our centre. NO Instant porridge.
11. NO BREAD bought in any shop, except 100% organic rye bread. Rather try baking your own with organic rye flour, also available from health shops or from our centre.
12. No Deodorant. Use Colloidal Silver under arms.
13. No Smoking.
14. No Alchohol.
15. No deep fried food…. no sunflower oil or canola oil! Use organic coconut oil for shallow baking. Organic Flax seed oil or virgin cold pressed olive oil for salad dressings and over fruit and to pour over other baked foods, after baked.
16. NO Sweets, cake, chocolate… You can make your own healthy sweets.. NO Sugar!
17. No Soda Drinks like coke or diet sodas! Also not even 100% fruit juice! Do not drink it, you only drink fruit or vegetable juice you make yourself.
18. No instant coffee or Joko or Five Roses Tea. If it’s to difficult to just get off coffee, drink one cup black filter coffee with raw honey.
19. No processed foods! Nothing that went through a “process”, eat whole-food, plant based food, as close as possible in its raw natural state.
Nutrient deficiency and toxification (toxins/poisons) is the cause of most diseases!
As said above, we do have huge amounts of resources, information and proof, and are convinced that a natural therapy is the best option for quality life and healing your body naturally. There are precious testimonies of many people who followed a natural protocol. It is important that you will make the right decision in your heart about what treatment you want to follow, either the natural way or the conventional way. Please contact us for further information to discuss any possibilities or options. We do offer consultations to assist with more detailed advice. (Please book a consultation if required) We would like to assist and help where possible.
You are welcome to Google “Dr Max Gerson”. We do have all their films and many other resources at the centre to educate those who want to learn. Why we believe and would suggest the Advanced Gerson Therapy as a protocol to follow? It’s the only natural treatment protocol that has a 90+ year track record inclusive of case studies and proven records with a detailed outline to assist in healing many lifestyle diseases. We do have many testimonies as proof that this therapy truly provides a better quality of life.
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Views and opinions expressed in this article are from case studies and a holistic approach towards assisting the body to heal itself.)
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