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Why are students disrespectful towards Educators?
Being a teacher is the hardest and most difficult occupation to master.
One should be able to do The 7 key Principles at once:

  • Observing the whole class
  • Listening to the students verbal and non-verbal response
  • Watching every student’s face individually to make sure they understand
  • Evaluating their facial expressions and reactions
  • Calculating their behaviour and establishing how to help or how to make things better or explain it in a different way.
  • Leading the class on an academic level as well as leading each student on a personal level

Teaching them academic subjects as well as teaching them how to become a successful person.

This can only be done efficiently when the teacher, has peace, confidence, motivation, patience, control over their own emotions, be a balanced person and always think in a positive manner no matter the situation or circumstances.
The challenge to manage the classroom increases on a daily basis.
Succeeding at the 7 key principles, mentioned above, and managing a perfect classroom is tiring and sometimes stressful.
Students are smart and they pick up on our insecurities, moods and the way we feel reflects on them. Have you noticed that when you’ve had a tough morning, most of the time your students are difficult too? And when you have a great morning, your day turns out great as well?

The educator determines students’ :

  • Reaction towards them
  • Behaviour in their class
  • Interest in their subject
  • How well students remember what they are taught and students’ emotional status during their class time.

The fact that I was an educator, for 5 years, puts me in the position of understanding exactly how challenging it is being an educator. It should be the highest paying job and ONLY be experts in each field/subject. Unfortunately, it is not that easy for third world countries.
I, therefore, decided to develop a series / training to assist teachers in being happy, being able to survive in the system, influencing students in a positive way and reaching their full potential.
The ONLY way to ensure a promising future for our children and grandchildren is through influencing the next generation.


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