LIFE… with Elsa – Why does trauma among staff affect their productivity and efficiency?

Unfortunately, all of us influence each other. When you spend time with someone who is down in the dumps, you automatically feel a bit lower than what you did before you spend time with that person. Say, for example, you are the one down in the dumps – you will feel a bit uplifted if you spent the time with someone in a more positive mood than you. This boils down to the law of vibrations. Our emotions determine our level of vibrations. The Law of vibration states; high vibration attracts high vibration and low vibration attracts low vibration. When a high vibration and low vibration meet up, both of them will change to the average of the vibration between them. This means that the high vibration will come down to the average and the low vibration will go up to the average.
When a staff member experienced a traumatic event, it inevitably has an effect on their emotions and this has an effect on their vibrations. They then enter the work environment, which toxifies the space between staff on which staff reacts.
Different levels of vibrations have a different impact on each individual. Please note that this happens unconsciously. We are rarely aware, though we can be, of what is happening unconsciously.
Let’s look at an exam ple;
Jim got divorced and feels disappointed and discouraged. He has 5 colleagues; Lisa, Fred, Jack, Paul and Lara. The disappointment in Jim triggers the failure feeling in Lisa and the feminism in Lara but triggers the abandonment in Fred. Jack experiences an uplift knowing he is not the only one experiencing bad things in his life. As for Paul, it reminds him of his divorce a couple of years back.
The negative impact those emotions have on each of their productivity and efficiency is their unconscious mind associating that emotion with their work environment. Every time they come to work the emotions are triggered.
Staff need to;
· Understand how their conscious and unconscious mind works in order to take control over their emotions.
· Learn to handle different environments in order to help protect themselves from different toxic atmospheres.
Employers need to;
·Give their best to create a proper work environment where staff can feel safe and secure.
·Make sure to develop their staff with appropriate skills to enhance their emotional life. 

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