Spectacular hidden gem of a hiking experience

Self issue permits are available at the gate.
The trail goes in a loop towards the east and returns via the coast.

Before you plan this walk, make sure that it will be low tide when you return on the second half of the trip.
Sunglasses, sunblock, hats, good walking shoes and water, camera and water are a must. Optional, if you have a rugsack, take food, refreshments, bathers, goggles and snorkel to make the most of the sea and the beach.

The first half of this spectacular circular walk takes about 50 minutes to 1 hour brisk walking (or 2 hours really slow and taking in the scenery) through the Geelkrans Nature Reserve through indigenous, dune fynbos and renosterveld for about 3 to 4km. This is the first half of the trip. This is rather easy for fit walkers. Here and there you will be able to spot the ocean through the fynbos from high above and admire Still Bay in the distance.

At the end of the 3 to 4km, you will be blown away by the spectacular view down below and of the ocean stretching from east to west. From there you will descent on a zig zag path down the cliff, so if you’re afraid of heights, not a good idea, but it is rather easy to walk down with ease.

At the bottom, you will return back west to Still Bay. Admire the yellow sand cliffs, the rock pools, the birds and picnic wherever your heart chooses. There are fabulous spots all along the way back to sit in the shade under the overhanging cliffs. So find a spot almost halfway back. There are so many gorgeous spots to choose.
The walk back will take about 1 hour brisk walking or 2 hours taking it really slow. Bear in mind that you might have to climb over a couple of rocks on your way back. Nothing too hectic. The trick is to come back when it is low tide… less rocks to climb.

This is most definitely one of my favourite hikes! A true hidden gem in the Western Cape. What I really love is that its safe… you’re far away from the crowds and in the middle of nature. Love it!
To be done over and over again… Stilbaai Tourism Bureau (028 754 2602)
(Review: Maria V )

Van die Redaksie: Weet ons nie almal dat egskeiding ‘n kind(ers) se wêreld kan laat verkrummel as dit nie reg hanteer word nie?

Daar is heelwat mense wat beweer hulle kinders is gelukkige en gebalanseerde kinders omdat hulle as ouers steeds op ‘n goeie voet met hulle gewese eggenoot/note is . Almal is dit eens dat hul kinders se geluk vir hulle belangriker is as enige verskil.

So het ek onlangs dié brief van ‘n geskeide man op die internet raakgelees.

“It’s my ex-wife’s birthday today, so I got up early and brought flowers, cards and a gift over for the kids to give her and helped them make her breakfast. Per usual someone asked me why the heck I still do things for her all the time. This really annoys me. So I am gonna break it down for you all.

I’m raising two little men. The example I set for how I treat their mom is going to significantly shape how they see and treat women and affect their perception of relationships. I think even more so in my case because we are divorced. So if you aren’t modelling good relationship behaviour for your kids, get your act together.
Rise above it and be an example.
This is bigger than you !

Raise good men. Raise strong women. Please… the world needs them, now more than ever”.

As dit tog maar alle kinders uit gebroke huise beskore kon wees.

Sommige mense mag dalk hier en daar met sy optrede verskil maar … hier is beslis ‘n les vir geskeide mammas en pappas in te leer.

“Die beste geskenk wat ‘n man sy kinders kan gee is om vir hulle ma goed te wees.”

Julie Retief
082 412 3000



Exciting learning opportunity for South African students at Boeing in Seattle

Youngsters are often encouraged to aim high when considering a career. Sadly, many will feel their options are limited and may believe they have no option but to settle for less than the job they dream of.
Fortunately there are options available: opportunities that can provide a springboard to something truly challenging and fulfilling. One example is Boeing’s [NYSE: BA] highly acclaimed six months International Business Internship Program (IBIP), which is now open to South African students in a business-related field.
Full-time under-graduate and post-graduate students from South African universities and technical universities are encouraged to apply for the internship. Two students from Wits University are currently on the full-time program (Jan – July 2017). Registration for the next intake period (Jan –July 2018) is open from June the 6th to July the 15th 2017.

Laila Zayan, Head of Talent Pipeline Development at Boeing, says the IBIP is open to all students studying in a business-related field including Industrial Engineering, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Strategy, Management, and Information Systems.
She says applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program or have graduated within the last 12 months (applicants that graduated in May 2016 or earlier will NOT be considered). Students must have excellent communications and interpersonal skills, be high achievers academically, demonstrate leadership and team work skills.

J. Miguel Santos, Boeing Managing Director – Sub-Sahara Africa and Director of Commercial Airplane Sales for Africa based in Johannesburg, encouraged students to apply, saying it is a great bridge to the world of working. He cites is as a is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get real world exposure to a large multi-national corporation.
“The students will be provided with US-based work experience and will prove extremely valuable when they return and invest their new skills to the benefit of South Africa. Having Boeing on your resume could be a launching pad for your future career.”
The International Business Internship Program (IBIP), which was launched in 2012, provides students valuable exposure to the latest technological and business advances and thinking in a variety of disciplines relating to business operations, finance, marketing, strategy and the aviation industry.
The students will be exposed to a range of business activities and work alongside Boeing employees in various fields. They will also have an opportunity to spend time with Boeing leaders, visit several Boeing factories and share their experience with other IBIP interns from around the world.

Zayan says interested students can apply through the career advice divisions of their respective universities who will be provided with information brochures.

On behalf of: Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Contact: Samantha Logan
Cell 083 3348091


Dana Salloum, Communications Director, Boeing Middle East and Africa