LIFE… with Elsa- Why think about enhancing your business with NLP?

Why think about enhancing your business with NLP?

Some people are in business because it’s their passion. Others are simply doing it for the money or passing time.

Whatever the reason might be for being in business, it’s important to always have an enhancement-like mindset towards your business.
First things first;

Find the balance between your passion and making profit or passing time and making profit. This balance is crucial when developing your business.

What does ‘Enhance your business with NLP’ entail?

Stage 1. Identifying the blockages preventing success / growth.
The reason for a business consulting with a Master NLP practitioner would be to help the business grow, make more money, improve staff performance, enhance confidence etc.

As a Master NLP Coach, looking out of a study of Public Relations, Communications & Business Management, I am of the opinion that the secret to having a successful business is inside of us all, we just need to be brave enough to access / enhance / find it.

I specialise in determining what hinders the accessing / enhancing / finding process as well as removing it.
In order for the above stage to be successful, trust and building rapport, is essential.

That’s why I always recommend an introduction meeting to test whether the business / client and I are compatible.
Even though the target is to enhance the business, I start with the owner / employer first, and only if necessary will move on to the rest of the employees.

Stage 2. Business Coaching and Business Developing.
After identifying and removing the blockages, the business needs to be steered in a new direction to ensure the business benefits with all the new qualities installed.

This is something that the business can implement themselves, but I prefer to assist in this because it ensures client satisfaction, thoroughness, efficiency and success.


Stage 3. Marketing Strategies
After stage one and two, a review of the business’ current marketing strategies are necessary to ensure the goals set are met.


Stage 4. Staff / Leadership / Skills Development.
This is not applicable to all businesses, but will be explored to make sure everything is in place for the business to reach its new destined heights!

Benefits of Enhancing your business with NLP?
· Increased Productivity on various levels
· Confident / Well Balanced People
· Make more money = 86% Increase on your
investment when using a Master NLP
· Reaching the business’ potential / new heights

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