On 7 September, Animal Protection Still Bay, launched a new ‘Friends with Benefits’ project in the Still Bay Golf Club.

The benefit for Animal Protection is a steady income by debit orders from friends to afford the running cost of their vehicle which is manned by Elaine 082 7002491 and her field workers. The friends will in turn receive, at your house, a visit to see to the wellbeing of your pet and importantly, support owners if anything traumatic happens to your pet, or your lifelong friend has to leave this world.

Animal Protection makes use of the local Veterinary clinic and covers the cost of or greatly reduce vets bills for neutering and sterilising cats and dogs for those who cannot realy afford it. They also educate owners of pets in the proper handling and responsibility they have when owning a pet.

Elaine and her team mainly responds to calls if an animal is abused or lost.

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