We often take our eyes for granted and put them at risk during our daily activities. Adopting good eye care habits and going for regular eye tests with an optometrist are important, regardless of one’s age or overall health. During an eye test, an optometrist doesn’t just examine the quality of your vision and whether you need spectacles, contact lenses or an adjusted prescription. It also includes a general health check for injuries, abnormalities and early signs of eye conditions and diseases. In fact, optometrists are often the first health care professionals to detect chronic systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Having a Zeiss Experience eye test with the latest advanced eye technology at the new Mellins-Zeiss Vision Centre in the Mossel Bay Mall, is like stepping into the future. Until recently, eye testing technology has remained virtually unchanged for about 100 years. As part of this innovative eye test, the Zeiss i.Profiler reads your eyes like a “fingerprint” and digitally maps 2500 points on each eye in under 90 seconds. It enables the optometrist to determine your prescription to the nearest 0.01, instead of 0.25 as in older eye tests.

The customised precision technology enables Zeiss to manufacture the most individualised lenses in the world, namely Zeiss i.Scription. According to Zeiss this level of customisation results in the production of lenses that are able to improve night and twilight vision by up to 30% and reduce irritating reflections or halo effects. You will also get improved colour vision and contrast and overall, see more clearly.

The last step in the Zeiss Experience is about how the lenses fit the spectacle frame and the effect of the positioning and shape of the frame on your lenses. Lens-fitting errors can reduce optical performance by up to 40 percent, so in this step the lenses are optimally positioned.

One also gets to choose the optimal lens thickness for your prescription. The days of thick and bulky “bottle” lenses are therefore over! Your lenses can now be up to 50 percent thinner and lighter and all Zeiss lenses come with a UV protective coating as standard. The lenses can however be customised further with lenses that will darken in the sun and lighten when indoors, or one can opt for an anti-reflective coating that specifically reduces glare from LEDs, TVs, computers and tablet screens.

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