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Whether you want to discover the secrets of craft-distilling or just an absolute devoted gin fan, get some ginspiration this festive season at Inverroche Distillery’s Gin School.

Stoke your curiosity by joining the small-group, interactive classes and learn all about the art of alchemy. Look the part with your own distillers cap as you take a journey which is part science, part personal creativity as you select and weigh your own combination of botanicals with which to infuse your gin. It’s your hand-crafted gin, so make it according to your palate or take some guidance from your Inverroche host.

Once you’ve fired-up your small copper pot still, you will record, taste, observe and measure the spirit as the concentrated vapours start to flow from the condenser into your spirit glass. Put all your senses to the test to differentiate between the heads, hearts and tails.

When the last drop has emerged from your mini-still you will measure your distilled spirit using a hydrometer, break down your gin with purified water, personally bottle the liquid, name your gin and write your own limited edition label.

You will leave with your bottle of gin, distillers cap, two bottles of tonic, a G&T glass, gin booklet and your own recipe card. But the most precious gift you take home is your new found knowledge and appreciation for small-batch, hand-crafted gin.

The Gin School is held at Inverroche Distillery’s Gin Sensorium on Old Riversdale Road in Still Bay, and held from 13 December to 13 January, Monday to Saturday from 16:00 to 18:00. The school is closed on Sundays and Christmas Day and booking is essential. Cost is R450 per person and open to those over the age of 18.

Inverroche will also be offering tutored tastings, distillery tours, product introductions, serve inspirational cocktails in the G&T Garden and Meg’s Lounge and the Inverroche store will be open for take-me-home luxury.

During the festive season the distillery will be open from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 to 16:00, and on Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00. Distillery tours will be conducted at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00 and booking essential for the tours as well as tutored tastings. Formal tastings, distillery tours as well as the G&T Garden and Meg’s Lounge will be closed on Sundays.

For more information or to make a booking call 028 754 2442 or send an email to


Die Hessequa Munisipaliteit het ‘n skoon ouditverslag vanaf die Ouditeur-generaal ontvang vir die 2016/2017 finansiële jaar. Dit is die vierde agtereenvolgende jaar waarin die munisipaliteit die prestasie behaal.

Die ouditeur fokus op drie aspekte tydens hul ondersoek: finansiëlebestuur, prestasiebestuur en inligtingstegnologie.

‘n Skoon ouditverslag beteken dat die Ouditeur-generaal tevrede is en dat alle wette en regulasies wat daargestel is, nagekom word. ‘n Skoon ouditverslag is die hoogste toekenning wat ‘n munisipaliteit van die Ouditeur-generaal kan ontvang.

Munisipale Bestuurder Johan Jacobs het gesê dat die munisipaliteit nie net op koers bly nie, maar dat goeie leierskap en bestuur getoon word. “Die skoon ouditverslag toon die verbintenis van die personeel om dienste van hoë gehalte te lewer, asook hul toewyding tot goeie bestuur en nakoming van wetgewing. Hierdie prestasie bewys dat die munisipaliteit daarin geslaag het om beginsels en prosedures te inkorporeer, om dissipline en stabiliteit te handhaaf in die munisipale omgewing. Een van die kernpunte van die oudit is die bereiking van die raad se doelwitte soos verwoord in die Geïntegreerde Ontwikkelings Plan en Begroting en soos oor gerapporteer in die Finansiële State en Jaarverslag.”

Uitvoerende Burgemeester Grant Riddles noem dat ‘n Skoon ouditverslag gaan egter oor meer as net finansies. “Dit is ons plig as munisipaliteit om deurentyd na die beste van ons vermoë in diens van die gemeenskap te wees.“

“Die Kospakkie & Hannelie Gee Om”.

Ons wil eerstens net baie dankie sê aan almal wat skenkings sover gemaak het, en ons vertrou dat ons in die toekoms ook op julle kan staat maak.

Hannelie het vir die 16 dae aktivisme op 2 geleenthede vir die Albertinia SAPD trauma-kamer skenkings oorhandig wat onder andere die volgende insluit: baba kos, baba doeke, speelgoed, klere & onderklere, lekkergoed-pakkies en nog vele meer.

Bo en behalwe dat Hannelie reg deur die jaar vir Kindersorg vele skenkings gemaak het (na aanleiding van hulle skenkingsboek) het Hannelie ook by ʼn geleentheId vir Kindersorg Kersgeskenke vir kinders geskenk. Hannelie het ook vir die 16 dae aktivisme aan Kindersorg ʼn skenking gemaak van onder andere: baba doeke, baba kos, klere & onderklere en nog vele meer.

Ons wil graag die publiek se ondersteuning vra vir ons heel laaste projek vir 2017. Ons het dit gekombineerd as een projek naamlik (1) Die Kersfees kospakkie vir ons gesinne regoor die Hessequa & Eden distrik; en (2) Die Kersfees-wenslysie vir kinders in die Hessequa & Eden distrik. Daar is ʼn lys beskikbaar vir die Kersfees-wenslysie vir kinders.

Ons het die volgende afset gebiede in die Hessequa & Eden distrik (indien jy ʼn skenking daarheen neem merk dit asb. baie duidelik vir HANNELIE GEE OM / DIE KOSPAKKIE:

Albertinia: Hannelie Pretorius, WhatsApp nr 073 543 8778 of stuur ʼn e-pos na: (skakel vir adres)

Stilbaai: Chrisna Uys; Bellevue Resort, Oslerstr 8, Stilbaai-Oos, Tel: 028-754 1505, Tye: Maandae tot Vrydae vanaf 09h00 – 12h00 & 14h00 – 16h00

Riversdal: Jaco, Riversdal Postnet, Dickson str 12, Tel: 028-713 1311/3, of stuur ʼn e-pos aan

Gouritsmond: Carina Marais Tel: 071 185 2588 (skakel vir adres) of stuur ʼn e-pos na:

Gouritsmond: Hanli Venter (Koffie stories) Melkhoutweg 5 Tel: 082 854 3105 of stuur ʼn e-pos na:

Mosselbaai-area: Nadia Jardin, Hartenbos Landgoed 107, Tel: 072 212 8645 (skakel net voor die tyd) E-pos:

Mosselbaai-area: Lynette van Zyl (Suid-Kaap FM Radio – Mosselbaai) Tel: 083 409 4800 / 044-692 0350
George-area: Lynette van Zyl (Suid-Kaap FM Radio – George) Tel: 083 409 4800 / 044-692 0350

Indien jy ook ʼn vrywilliger wil word by “Die Kospakkie & Hannelie Gee Om” stuur asb. ʼn e-pos na: OF

Ons wil graag ʼn beroep op die publiek doen om vir “Die Kospakkie & Hannelie Gee Om” te ondersteun in die toekoms.


The challenge for small towns along the N2 national road is to invite and to entice tourists and motorists to turn off and to experience a wealth of sensations in the towns and the very scenic surrounding areas. Thus we are doing the following experiment from Friday 15 December until 8 January 2018: We provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs to come and sell their produce free of charge in the garden between the Engen filling station in Albertinia and the SANRAL fence of the N2.

A key focus of the experiment is the tasting of various food and drinks produced in the Hessequa area. All producers of craft beer and wines are welcome to present products for tasting. Such tasting has to be free of charge, whilst the real products can be sold under licence at the Tuinroete Wine Boutique on the adjacent premises. Producers of cheese, olives, honey, home-baked rusks and cookies, pancakes, biltong, sausage and other meat products are very welcome to present their food for tasting and selling as well. There are no fees to be paid to participate. Two stretch tents will be made available for tasting of all food and drinks. Producers of all kinds of art, toys, vegetables, fruit and even furniture and pots for gardening are welcome to participate. The proviso is that products sold by these entrepreneurs should not compete directly with those already for sale on the premises. Participants are invited to bring brochures along to guide visitors to their own premises.
You may contact Boy van Rensburg at 083 604 2108 or Michael van Aardt at
028 735 1123 for more details and to confirm your participation. Participants not able to be here in person may also arrange for a local salesperson selling their products on their behalf. No trading will take place on Christmas day.

We hope to see you here soon! Please contact us for more details at or If this experiment results in favourable results we plan to repeat the event during weekends, long weekends and holidays.

Boy and Michael


WILD RESCUE: A new and unique wildlife sanctuary for the Western Cape

Wild Rescue is excited to announce Cape Nature’s approval of the development of a desperately needed wildlife rehabilitation centre and sanctuary for indigenous wildlife of the Western Cape.

Wild Rescue was founded to treat compromised and orphaned indigenous wildlife for release, and to provide a safe and happy sanctuary for animals who cannot be returned to the wild. There is currently no facility which caters for the diversity of species, which include animals such as primates and small predators.
A further key focus is humane education, aimed primarily at children, to develop an appreciation of wildlife and the environment. Wild Rescue aims to exemplify and teach a caring and compassionate approach to the protection of wildlife and preservation of biodiversity.

In addition, the property is a proclaimed nature reserve situated between Riversdale and Still Bay, on the Goukou River, and has many ecozones and endangered plants. Wild Rescue will therefore be able to offer a unique opportunity for a holistic and hands-on approach to education. It will welcome visits from academics and facilitate graduate studies. The sanctuary is also open to the public.
Dr Douglas Taylor, a veterinarian who has worked for many years in the area, states “A reputable wildlife rehabilitation facility and sanctuary is urgently needed in this province. The sanctuary can be used for education about the value of preserving wildlife, habitats and biodiversity which is crucial to ensure that wildlife will survive for future generations”.

The founder, Gill Simpson, says “For the last three years, we have been putting the building blocks of our foundation phase in place. We are excited to be embarking on the next practical phase to benefit the wildlife and people of the Western Cape”.

Wild Rescue seeks assistance to help develop the facilities further. Funding, materials and skills are required for the building and fencing of the rehabilitation centre and sanctuary enclosures, harnessing solar energy for electricity, and establishing the water supply system. We cannot do this without support!

Wild Rescue is a Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation with section 18a tax exemption approval.

(Gill Simpson on (028)754 1663.)