Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the Entrepreneur – Leo Steyl


The role that Emotions play in the personal life of an entrepreneur is of vital importance. In fact, it can influence functioning in all life areas positively or negatively. However, most often we are not even aware that our emotions or feelings determine if we are going to start with and complete a specific task or project! If we think about it that a project can become a product and/or service that can earn money, it indicates that the effective management of emotions is very necessary for entrepreneurs. Emotions also carry messages and warn us to make certain small changes or big adaptations in life.
Consequently, to have knowledge about emotional intelligence (EI) can help entrepreneurs to improve their quality of life as well as those of others gradually.
Simply put EI, is when we can identify, understand and control our own feelings and thoughts as well as communicate it clearly to other people. It also demonstrates that we understand others’ feelings correctly and are able to develop strong and lasting relationships.
Through EI an entrepreneur can become more effective, motivated, efficient, happy and successful. It is possible to bounce back resiliently after failures, negotiate successfully, handle challenges and adapt to change easily. Thus, be more self-assertive and above all less vulnerable to stress and burnout.
EI includes awareness of self, self-empowerment, self-motivation, emotional control, empathy, personal values, principles, positive convictions, a balanced view of life, comfortable social communication and even effective problem solving abilities or competencies.

I challenge you to:

  • Become aware and admit the need to learn EI;
  • Make the firm decision to accept this challenge today and start functioning in an emotionally intelligent way.
  • Believe in your ability to do it.
  • Commit wholeheartedly to this dynamic and wonderful process of functioning in an emotionally mature way on a daily basis.
  • Become really passionate about it.
  • Strive to demonstrate emotional maturity in your family, work place and on the sport field or during your other activities.
  • Encourage and inspire other people in your sphere of influence, to teach EI to their children from an early age.
  • Create the favorable climate in your family in which your children can apply EI easily and can learn by example how to transfer EI to their children.

This could be your legacy!
Leo Steyl Psychologist
Contact no.: 072 326 5 234

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