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Why do I struggle to maintain healthy relationships? It’s very easy to point fingers and blame others for making us sad, angry or upset… The secret is we would not have felt those emotions in the first place if they were not in us already…
What? Strange concept, right? The smoking mirrors of relationships plays a big part in this. The way we talk, treat others, behave and carry ourselves is all based on our perception of ourselves. Ever heard of the expression; As he thinks in his heart so is he?

How does this work exactly?
If you believe you are average, you will behave and treat others average which will in-turn treat you average.
Your unconscious mind will make sure you behave average in order to keep this perception(You are average) manifested. This is mere one of the unconscious mind’s functions. See why it’s difficult for some people to just boost their confidence and change their self-image?

3The smoking mirrors of a relationship have 2 kinds of smoke.
First, the smoke on the sides; In relationships the perception you have of yourself and the other person will affect your relationship with them IMMENSELY…
Secondly, the smoke in the middle, all the things that annoy you of the other person annoys you, 99% of the time, because you do them too.

What can you do to ensure a clean sparky mirror?
Step 1: Monitor your thoughts; what do you say to yourself about YOURSELF and others.
Step 2: Change your inner voice.
Step 3: Change your perception about yourself and others.

Master NLP Practitioner and Transformation Coach Elsa Cronje  
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