We operate Hug-a-Bunny at the local markets. We also do Bunny Parties where we bring Hug-a-bunny to your home or party venue. It is an enclosure which the children can climb into. At the market the children pay R10 to receive a carrot and spend time with the bunnies. The bunnies are tame and are used to being handled although every now and then, fingers and carrots get accidently muddled.
The bunnies are also sold as pets with a “you are welcome to return them – no questions asked ” policy.
In December and other holidays, we do Hire-a-bunny. Lots of grand children spend the holidays with Granny and Grandpa so for the period we supply a bunny and a cage both of which come home after the grand-children’s departure.

Bunnies are easy pets to look after. They need food, fresh water, a cage and attention.
Even if your bunny spends time in the garden, he needs somewhere to go to, to sleep and if he feels threatened. If you are going to let your bunny run in the garden then the cage does not need to be too big but should have an area where your bunny can hide.
The cage should be cleaned at least once a week.
Their food consists of pellets, roughage and greens.
The larger breeds tend to be more docile and I would recommend an older bunny for really young children as they are generally used to being handled . Younger children should always be supervised when handling animals.

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