I know we all wish, at one stage or another, that we had a suit we could just magically throw on and go to turbo-charge-mode. Unfortunately none of us are billionaires living in a made up world. Thus, when we feel tired and depleted, we need a different kind of supercharge.
Iron is a much underrated mineral that can have a huge positive or negative (when depleted) impact on our bodies. Many people have been incorrectly diagnosed with various diseases when in fact they have an iron deficiency otherwise known as anemia.
Life often throws us Catch 22 situations. For example, when you are stressed your body gets depleted of iron because your body cannot absorb the iron you consume. On the other hand, when your body is lacking iron it causes nervous system disorders like anxiety, stress and panic attacks. And so the situation becomes a bit like a snow ball effect.
If you suffer from above mentioned nervous system disorders, hot flashes, heavy menstrual bleeding, headaches, fatigue, lack of concentration, weakness, pale skin, shortness of breath, dizziness or night sweats it could be as a result of anemia.
You can go for a simple Blood (Iron) Test for fairly cheap at your nearest pharmacy to determine if your iron levels are below normal, normal or high. If you find your results to be below normal/average you can do a variety of things to boost your iron levels.
Sources of iron include leafy greens, molasses, raisons (with seed), beetroot (grated and eaten raw), liver, dark chocolate, oats, hemp seeds, mushrooms, honey, sardines, seaweed (including kelp & spirulina) and red/orange/red vegetables. Various herbs like dandelion, black cohosh, nettle, valerian, fenugreek, plantain, echinacea, licorice and peppermint are also great sources of iron as well as beneficial for a variety of different symptoms/ailments. As part of getting your iron levels boosted, you have to be aware of elements that deplete your body’s iron. These elements include coffee, black tea, enemas, alcohol, too much dairy products, lack of protein, asprin and carbonated drinks.
When looking for an iron supplement, at your nearest Health Shop or Pharmacy, try to find a “gentle” iron which is non-constipating. Always try to find an iron that is naturally sourced rather than synthetically made. It’s also good to find a product (for example Solgar’s Hematinic Formula) that combines iron, vitamin c, folic acid and vitamin B12 together as this will help with absorption.
By making a few simple long-term changes to your lifestyle/diet you could be feeling like a turbo-charged ironman in no-time! Written by Duhne Liebenberg (Product Advisor at Namo Natural Health)
*Please note that the above information is not meant to diagnose or treat any symptoms. It is simply meant as an informational piece.

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