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Why is my staff demotivated?

We have all been taught to rely on our circumstances in order to make us happy or motivate us.
This is a dangerous concept because it means your happiness is depended on your circumstances.

Happiness and motivation are in fact something that needs to come from inside of us. When we connect to our inner life source and experience our joy and motivation from there, we will be happy and motivated no matter what the circumstances. When emotions/beliefs/habits and goals are in balance, this concept happens automatically.

How can we expect to reap joy when we never sow happy thoughts?

Everything we sow, we sow via our thoughts. Our thoughts will manifest in our reality and then become what we reap! Yes, this means that self-loathing thoughts will also manifest.
What is the impact of unhappy/trouble staff members? I’m sure, if you are reading this, you know exactly what the impact is – they are very much unproductive plus they infect each other with negativity.
The key is then to shift your staff’s perception from ‘happiness and motivation comes from outer things’ to ‘happiness and motivation comes from inside yourself. ‘

How can one do this;

  • lead by example
  • treat staff as you would like them to behave.
  • provide staff with opportunities to find/enhance their inner life source
  • provide staff with tools to improve their emotional/thought life
  • listen and be prepared to build a relationship by understanding a heart BEFORE asking for a hand.

What can staff members do;

  • focus on the things you are grateful for
  • find the little joys in your daily life
  • change your attitude from “poor me” to “how fortunate am I”
  • search/enhance your inner life source.
  • if you are unhappy in your current job, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
  • Remember: YOUR happiness is entirely up to YOU.

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