Working with the more mature figure and person is only a pleasure says William
Working with the more mature figure and person gives me such satisfaction and pleasure.
The client will have reached a stage in life where she knows what suits her best and brings out that ‘hidden’ beauty.
I have discovered over the years she looks as good and feels as comfortable in a beautifully tailored jacket and pants/skirt, as she would in a soft flowing garment, accessorising it with stunning piece of jewellery. Using light weight woollens, pure linen, and cotton for day wear or soft flowing materials that allows for soft draping to enhance the figure for evening wear.
With the softer / fuller part of the neck and shoulders, she is able to wear a well cut décolletage and again accessorize it with well crafted jewellery, i.e. a beautiful necklace and earrings, or depending on the mood, just a beautifully crafted necklace.
The more daring would sometimes go for a combination of strong colours, fairly bold designs in the material bringing out the ‘Gypsies’, but at the same time keeping in mind how the fabric drapes, thus complimenting her figure. For the others most shades of most colours bring out that beauty complimenting the skin tone.
I would also like to mention that I am now working on my own and and can be contacted at 072 418 5167.
For that very special occasion bring the natty dresser of as hubby along and make him feel good in his own skin again. A well tailored jacket, shirt and pair of trousers… –William Mills. Irma Huysamer

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