Dear Resident / Visitor

Please assist us to make Stilbaai a more beautiful and cleaner place.
·Refuse bags are being removed by the Municipality only once per week.
·If this does not take place on the day of your departure, it is very likely that your refuse bags on the sidewalk will be torn open by seagulls, dogs, cats and even people and the contents will be dispersed by the wind over a large area.
·The Municipality has kindly agreed to place wooden boxes at strategic places where bags can be left safely. At present one box is placed on the western side of the bridge and another at the turnoff to Preekstoel Main Road East.
·You are therefore requested to leave your bags, when necessary, at one of these boxes.
·We are trying hard to make Stilbaai cleaner and more beautiful. We hope that we can depend on your assistance to do away with littering in our town.

Our sincere thanks for your co-operation. 

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