New exhibitors at the Riversdale Agricultural Show this year were Community Animal Rescue Society (C.A.R.S). We are a registered non-profit organisation and our NPO number is NPO 170-177.
C.A.R.S was represented at the show by Sandra Lotz (Chairperson) and Robyn Learmonth (Treasurer).
Our presence at the show was to raise public awareness of the work that we do in Riversdale and to raise funds to support our work. C.A.R.S aims are to improve the life of animals in poorer communities by holding regular dip days , and sterilisation and vaccination clinics. We also advise on basic animal care and rehome unwanted , abandoned and abused animals.
During the show we ran a raffle with a R500 Spar voucher as a prize. The winners of the raffle were Craig and Lyn Berger of Riversdale. They have generously decided to hand the voucher back to C.A.R.S for further fund raising efforts. Thank you Craig and Lyn.
Thank you too to Andre van Wyk of Riversdale Spar for donating R200 towards the cost of the voucher.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind members of the public that we rely on their generosity through sponsorship and donations to continue our work.
Those wishing to make donations can do so by payment into our bank account :
ABSA bank , Acc no: 4072716037 Acc name: Community Animal Rescue Society Bank code: 632005
or contact one of our committee members:
Sandra Lotz 082 962 1831 Robyn Learmonth 082 922 3619 Shanine O’Connell 071 326 1670

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