Dojo re-opens January 2018 | Community Hall – Stilbaai
Monday & Wednesdays at 15:00

The last Gashuku and Grading for Stilbaai OGKK Karate
took place on 29 November 2017.

Back row from left to right:
Luke Symons, Penny Symons (green), Anre Farre (brown), Elaine Hardy (green), Sandra van Jaarsveld (brown), Trinity Griffiths (brown), unknown.

Middle row:
Wiehan Kok (green), Dr Karlien van Zyl (green), Charline Brennan (2nd dan), Armand Farre (blue), Jaco de Bruin (green), Brenda Neate (5th dan), Nadia de Bruin (blue), Rosa van Zyl (green), Lee Symons (green).

Seated in front:
Johan van Zyl (orange), Wyatt Griffiths (blue), Wiehan van As (green), with club mascot, Ninja.


Nadia and Jaco de Bruin took part in the Mossel Bay Sports Festival where she won gold for Kumite and he silver.


Armand en Anre Farre received their Western Cape Colours last year and represented Stilbaai Karate at the All Style SA’s in Durban.


Trinity Griffiths, who recently graded for Brown Belt in Goju Ryu Karate (OGKK) also qualified for Eden All Style Karate Colours for a second time, as did her brother. Wyatt was previously in the Development Squad. They will both take part in the Western Cape Champs In January. Were they to be successful, they would go through to the All Style SA’s in Durban later in 2018.

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