WILD RESCUE: A new and unique wildlife sanctuary for the Western Cape

Wild Rescue is excited to announce Cape Nature’s approval of the development of a desperately needed wildlife rehabilitation centre and sanctuary for indigenous wildlife of the Western Cape.

Wild Rescue was founded to treat compromised and orphaned indigenous wildlife for release, and to provide a safe and happy sanctuary for animals who cannot be returned to the wild. There is currently no facility which caters for the diversity of species, which include animals such as primates and small predators.
A further key focus is humane education, aimed primarily at children, to develop an appreciation of wildlife and the environment. Wild Rescue aims to exemplify and teach a caring and compassionate approach to the protection of wildlife and preservation of biodiversity.

In addition, the property is a proclaimed nature reserve situated between Riversdale and Still Bay, on the Goukou River, and has many ecozones and endangered plants. Wild Rescue will therefore be able to offer a unique opportunity for a holistic and hands-on approach to education. It will welcome visits from academics and facilitate graduate studies. The sanctuary is also open to the public.
Dr Douglas Taylor, a veterinarian who has worked for many years in the area, states “A reputable wildlife rehabilitation facility and sanctuary is urgently needed in this province. The sanctuary can be used for education about the value of preserving wildlife, habitats and biodiversity which is crucial to ensure that wildlife will survive for future generations”.

The founder, Gill Simpson, says “For the last three years, we have been putting the building blocks of our foundation phase in place. We are excited to be embarking on the next practical phase to benefit the wildlife and people of the Western Cape”.

Wild Rescue seeks assistance to help develop the facilities further. Funding, materials and skills are required for the building and fencing of the rehabilitation centre and sanctuary enclosures, harnessing solar energy for electricity, and establishing the water supply system. We cannot do this without support!

Wild Rescue is a Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation with section 18a tax exemption approval.

(Gill Simpson on (028)754 1663.)

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