The challenge for small towns along the N2 national road is to invite and to entice tourists and motorists to turn off and to experience a wealth of sensations in the towns and the very scenic surrounding areas. Thus we are doing the following experiment from Friday 15 December until 8 January 2018: We provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs to come and sell their produce free of charge in the garden between the Engen filling station in Albertinia and the SANRAL fence of the N2.

A key focus of the experiment is the tasting of various food and drinks produced in the Hessequa area. All producers of craft beer and wines are welcome to present products for tasting. Such tasting has to be free of charge, whilst the real products can be sold under licence at the Tuinroete Wine Boutique on the adjacent premises. Producers of cheese, olives, honey, home-baked rusks and cookies, pancakes, biltong, sausage and other meat products are very welcome to present their food for tasting and selling as well. There are no fees to be paid to participate. Two stretch tents will be made available for tasting of all food and drinks. Producers of all kinds of art, toys, vegetables, fruit and even furniture and pots for gardening are welcome to participate. The proviso is that products sold by these entrepreneurs should not compete directly with those already for sale on the premises. Participants are invited to bring brochures along to guide visitors to their own premises.
You may contact Boy van Rensburg at 083 604 2108 or Michael van Aardt at
028 735 1123 for more details and to confirm your participation. Participants not able to be here in person may also arrange for a local salesperson selling their products on their behalf. No trading will take place on Christmas day.

We hope to see you here soon! Please contact us for more details at aloemotors@telkomsa.net or aloemotors2@gmail.com If this experiment results in favourable results we plan to repeat the event during weekends, long weekends and holidays.

Boy and Michael


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