The Stilbaai NSRI 10 km is held annually on 31 December @ 7:00 from the NSRI building at the Stilbaai harbour. The harbour area was a buzz with people launching their boats and others, supporting the record number of approximately 1200 runners that took part this year. The proceeds for the event is donated to the NSRI Station 31 in Stilbaai to assist them in their work.

Die pryswenners van die 10 km wedloop saam met Arrie Combrinck –stasiebevelvoerder, Ross van Reenen – medaljeborg en Nico Steenekamp – organiseerder.
(Foto: Elza Thiart-Botes)

(Photos: rbrobinblog)
The event is open to all runners, joggers and walkers and the perfect opportunity for visitors to take advantage of the beautiful scenery around Stilbaai.