Spectacular hidden gem of a hiking experience

Self issue permits are available at the gate.
The trail goes in a loop towards the east and returns via the coast.

Before you plan this walk, make sure that it will be low tide when you return on the second half of the trip.
Sunglasses, sunblock, hats, good walking shoes and water, camera and water are a must. Optional, if you have a rugsack, take food, refreshments, bathers, goggles and snorkel to make the most of the sea and the beach.

The first half of this spectacular circular walk takes about 50 minutes to 1 hour brisk walking (or 2 hours really slow and taking in the scenery) through the Geelkrans Nature Reserve through indigenous, dune fynbos and renosterveld for about 3 to 4km. This is the first half of the trip. This is rather easy for fit walkers. Here and there you will be able to spot the ocean through the fynbos from high above and admire Still Bay in the distance.

At the end of the 3 to 4km, you will be blown away by the spectacular view down below and of the ocean stretching from east to west. From there you will descent on a zig zag path down the cliff, so if you’re afraid of heights, not a good idea, but it is rather easy to walk down with ease.

At the bottom, you will return back west to Still Bay. Admire the yellow sand cliffs, the rock pools, the birds and picnic wherever your heart chooses. There are fabulous spots all along the way back to sit in the shade under the overhanging cliffs. So find a spot almost halfway back. There are so many gorgeous spots to choose.
The walk back will take about 1 hour brisk walking or 2 hours taking it really slow. Bear in mind that you might have to climb over a couple of rocks on your way back. Nothing too hectic. The trick is to come back when it is low tide… less rocks to climb.

This is most definitely one of my favourite hikes! A true hidden gem in the Western Cape. What I really love is that its safe… you’re far away from the crowds and in the middle of nature. Love it!
To be done over and over again… Stilbaai Tourism Bureau (028 754 2602)
(Review: Maria V )

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