Municipal Manager Johan Jacobs said the new website was aimed at better communicating the services of the municipality as well as fulfilling legal requirements regarding the Municipal Finance Management Act and the Municipal Systems Act.

“The previous site was designed many years ago and no longer fulfilled the communication needs of the municipality. We believe the new site is more user-friendly and will continue to evolve to suit the complex requirements of a municipality serving an immensely diverse community.

“The website is meant to be dynamic and will be systematically expanded to incorporate as many of the municipality’s services and projects as well as all relevant documents, forms, policies and by-laws,” said Jacobs.
The main menu of the website makes provision for Municipal Governance, Municipal Services, Information Centre and a detailed Contact Us section. The Homepage features municipal news highlights, a calendar listing council meetings, a weather update, tourism links and a dedicated link to the #100 000 Trees Campaign.
An online SMS registration has also been added. The public can register their cellphone numbers by filling in their details on the SMS Register menu. Your information will only be used to send out urgent messages related to emergency situations (floods, fires, power outages and pipe bursts), notices and announcements in the Hessequa Municipal area. The SMS system will only be active in the next coming months, but we urge the public to register their detail on the database. Once the system is up and running, our database will be established and the municipality will reach a wider community.

The website
remains the same.

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