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Why is my teenager cranky?
As we all know, the way teens and adults think and experience things vary completely.
Teenagers are sensitive and take everything personal.  In my professional opinion, teenagers behave in certain ways to avoid pain or gain pleasure and their behaviour is usually 95% of time, never who they really are. It does not make their behaviour okay, but it helps understanding it. Teens are constantly concerned with what others think of them, which makes it difficult for them to reach their goals, trust themselves and follow their dreams/hearts.

The best things a parent/guardian
/educator can do to help teenagers are:

  • Show them a mirror of their potential.
  • Show them how much you believe in their potential.
  • Inspire them to reach their potential.
  • Find effective ways to communicate.
  • Last but MOST important; Lead by example.
  • The best thing a teenager can do for himself/herself;
  • Communicate your thoughts/feelings/beliefs to those you love
  • Keep good company – people that are uplifting and contribute to you dreams.
  • Just be yourself

It is essential for teens to understand themselves and their emotions, have control over their emotions, know their potential, know their purpose, and be in balance. This will enable them to fore stand peer-pressure and other curve-balls life might throw at them. It will also enable them to completely be themselves, love life and reach their full potential.

Master NLP Pracitioner and Transformation Coach
Elsa Cronje 


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