What is your current occupation?
I am an artist, living and working in Pretoria who regularly retreat to Stilbaai for inspiration as well as to nurture my artist’s soul.

What motivates you?
Growing up on a farm in the Orange Free State had a huge impact on my personal development, my value system and the development of my artwork. My passion for, and respect of life which I learned at a very early age on the farm still motivates me to this day.

Name one thing that always peaks your interest.
I love to learn something new and to visit new places. If I could, I would have been a professional tourist, traveling the world most of the time.

What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?
Embarking, by mistake on a black diamond ski slope, with only 15 min of ski training as a very young art student, visiting the Alps for the first time.

What “useless” talent do you have that nobody knows about?
I can bake the most delicious sourdough bread and old fashioned boerbeskuit.

If you could take over one person’s job for a week, who’s would it be and why?
I would love to run a resort on a beautiful island surrounded by competent staff, in peaceful and tranquil surroundings. I would like to bask in the peaceful, stylish and tranquil surroundings.

If you won a Million, how would you spend it?
I would make sure I have enough for my families needs and to sustain my own current lifestyle then spend the rest on missionary work and relief aid.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I am fascinated by recent research on the impact of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition on longevity and wellness. I am amazed at how much we can change if we accept responsibility for our health and implement different choices.

What is your favourite restaurant and meal?
My favourite restaurant is Capeesh, an Italian restaurant in Pretoria who serves the most delicious roasted salmon on a bed of rocket. I love Italian food, especially the socialising aspect, accompanying their meal times to provide a time of intimate connection for family and friends.

If you had one wish from a “genie” what would you wish for?
I would wish for poverty and all forms of violence to be eradicated from the face of the world.

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself.
I love to connect with people, and often do, however I also desperately need times of privacy to connect with myself, recharge, and find my artistic purposes and expression. I can not do this when I am surrounded by people.

What is your message to the Community of Hessequa?
Do not allow anyone to define you, except your Maker. Also do not let circumstances define you, instead choose your attitude and let your attitude define the outcome of your circumstances.

Salomi Prinsloo
082 878 0441


In die uitstalling getiteld: “La Vie” stel Salomi Prinsloo haarself bekend aan die inwoners en vakansiegangers van haar geliefde wegbreek-tuiste: Stilbaai.

Met verskeie internassionale uitstallings o.a.die Florence Biennale in Italië, ander in Brittanje en Nieu-See land, asook gereelde plaaslike uitstallings by verskeie galerye het Salomi reeds haar voetspore wyd en vêr in die kunswêreld getrap. In hierdie uitstalling “La Vie” deel sy haar aansteeklike en uitbundige passie vir die lewe deur visuele kommentaar te lewer op veelvuldige fasettte van lewe soos uitgebeeld in haar landskappe, abstrakte werke as ook haar blommestudies.

“Kom kyk eers kuns, en vier dan verder fees” nooi sy almal wat haar wêreld van kleurspatsels en speelse vorme wil betree om so saam met haar fees te vier. Binne die raamwerk van elke skildery se doek gebeur daar ‘n droomwêreld waar elke toeskouer sy eie storie kan kom uitleef of verweef op ‘n visuele verhoog, geskep deur Salomi se kleurvolle, soms uitbundige weergawe van die lewe en die wêreld om haar.

Die uitstalling open Vrydag 15 Desember om 19.00 te Heidelaan 10, Stilbaai en duur tot 23 Desember 2017 om 14.00. Saterdag 16 Desember om 11.30 sal die kunstenaar toeskouers deur die uitstalling neem met ‘n praatjie oor haar werk en die betekenis daarvan. Die uitstalling kan daagliks besoek word vanaf 10.30 tot 19.30. Belangstellendes kan Salomi kontak op 0828780441 vir meer inligting, of ‘n epos stuur na Besoek gerus Salomi se webtuiste: vir meer inligting omtrent Salomi, haar kunswerk, haar motifering en kunsfilosofie.


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